The Columbia Political Review podcast brings students on different sides of hot-topic issues together for frank conversations.

Check back weekly for a new edition of the CPR podcast, in which student voices debate the most pressing issues in national politics. Some questions we will explore include:   

  • Should Columbia recognize the graduate student union?

  • What should America’s healthcare system look like?

  • Should the government legislate abortion?

  • Is Donald Trump a successful president?

  • What degree of social inequality is acceptable? 

  • Should Columbia create "safe spaces?"

  • Can libertarianism help poor people more than socialism?


Episode 1: THe Social Saftey Net

Joey Siegel (CC ‘20) and Emma Tueller Stone (CC ‘19) take on one of the most enduring questions in American politics: should the government create welfare programs for its most vulnerable citizens? Listen now to part one of our inaugural two-part conversation!


Episode 2: Healthcare

Listen to second part of our conversation with Joey Siegel (CC ‘20) and Emma Tueller Stone (CC ‘19) as they tackle one of the hottest topics in American politics: what is the best way to organize the United States’ healthcare system?


Episode 3: The graduate student union

Listen to a conversation between Jake Tibbetts (CC ‘21) and Chris Bolton (CC ‘19) as they discuss an issue at the very heart of politics on campus: should Columbia University recognize the graduate student union? Bonus: Read Chris’ article on this issue here:



This semester’s final episode: a conversation between a politically-moderate Trump supporter, Dante Mazza (CC ‘19), and an anti-Trump conservative, Christian Gonzalez (CC ‘19), as they grapple with the impact of the Donald Trump’s Presidency.


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